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The Pacific Bible

The Pacific Bible

By archiving nearly four hundred former Bible verses that promoted rape, genocide, human sacrifice, slavery, sexuality and homosexuality, subjugation of women, cannibalism and other highly problematic practices, The Pacific Bible promotes exactly what most modern religions preach. In its newly revised form, The Pacific Bible is more consistent with the messages people hear from their churches and synagogues today everywhere in the world.

Based on high literacy rates and the need for a Bible that people can read on their own without fear of the shocking landmines that existed throughout, The Pacific Bible delivers a powerful alternative to anyone who wants to read and understand the basis for the current teachings of Christianity and Judaism.

The Pacific Bible offers a more positive, family-friendly read that appeals to audiences interested in promoting more peace, fair treatment of people, reducing the instances of hate and violence in the world, and all those parents concerned about what their children will be exposed to in reading the Bible.

Intended for all Christians and Jews alike, The Pacific Bible goes one step further toward promoting peace than any modern Bible edition. The Pacific Bible is also a popular gift item.

A separate book of the archived verses is under development along with narrative.

Church and other institutional use is encouraged and bulk rates are available for large orders. Please contact us for a quote.

Why do we need a new Bible?

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